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Catch Me: A skills-based hiring platform

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iOS, Android, Web

My role

I was the lead Product Designer. I worked with 5-6 person product team including project lead, iOS developer, Android developer, backend developer, web developer, and client/founder of Catch Me


Information architecture, site mapping, journey mapping, art direction, low and high fidelity designs, user research, usability testing, QA testing


Design a user-friendly skills-based hiring platform (Catch Me) to connect blue-collar workers in Sweden with immediate job opportunities, leveraging BankID and Swish for seamless user verification and instant payments. Utilize proximity, skills testing, and real-time availability to connect workers with immediate job opportunities in warehousing, cleaning, and retail.

Initial sketches

Background / Problem Framing

In Sweden, the blue-collar job market faced a significant challenge: hiring bias often favorers applicants with traditionally Swedish backgrounds. Resumes and interviews could unintentionally perpetuate these biases,  disadvantaging workers with diverse origins. To address this, Catch Me was born. This platform prioritizes skills testing over traditional hiring practices, providing a level playing field for all applicants. By focusing solely on proficiency assessments, Catch ensures qualified workers are matched with suitable opportunities, regardless of their origin or last name.

Worker Flow #1: Create Account (optimized flow)
Company Flow #1: sign up

Project Goals

  • Reduce worker and company signup friction: Streamline both the worker and company signup processes based on user research to improve intuitiveness and efficiency, aiming for a significant reduction in completion time. By reducing friction in this crucial first touchpoint, we empower users to engage with the platform quickly, enabling near-instantaneous hiring opportunities.

  • Optimize user experience: Leverage user research insights to design a clear information architecture (IA) for easy navigation and content findability.

  • Enhance understanding of user needs: Collaborate with the client to develop detailed user personas, ensuring all design decisions cater to the diverse needs of workers and companies.

  • Prioritize user feedback: Integrate user testing and interviews throughout the design process, utilizing feedback to refine wireframes and prototypes for an optimal user experience.

  • Ensure accessibility for all: Champion accessibility by adhering to WCAG standards for text and color contrast, guaranteeing an inclusive platform for all workers.

Selected Key screens from various worker flows


  • Balancing User Needs with Time Constraints:  The project demanded a user-friendly experience for three distinct user types (workers, companies, and admins) within a tight development timeframe. This required careful prioritization and efficient design solutions to ensure a smooth experience for all user groups.

  • Navigating Unfamiliar Systems: As a non-Swedish citizen, integrating unfamiliar workflow systems like BankID and Swish presented a unique challenge.  Thorough research, collaboration with the client, and user testing with Swedish participants were crucial to ensure a seamless user experience for functionalities specific to the Swedish market.

  • Striking the Information Balance:  Simplifying the worker signup process for speed while collecting enough data for immediate job matching was a key challenge. We needed to find a balance between a streamlined signup and gathering crucial information to connect workers with suitable opportunities efficiently.

  • Designing for Informed Decisions:  Creating a job detail page that showcased all relevant information, yet avoided overwhelming workers with text, was critical. The design needed to be clear and concise, allowing workers to understand job requirements and accept matches quickly, especially considering the time-sensitive nature of many jobs on the platform.

Selected Key screens from various Company flows
Selected Key screens from various Company flows

©emily fecsko 2024

©emily fecsko 2024

©emily fecsko 2024